Sunday, December 11, 2011


MERRY CHRISTMAS to each one of you!  Michael and I feel so blessed to approach this loving season with good health and hearts overflowing with joy.  He is the Reason for the season.

We’ve spent a great deal of the year traveling for book promotions, but our favorite trip was going “Down Under” to visit youngest daughter Ticiana and her family.  They live in Melbourne, Australia and so we added on a week’s trip to Tasmania just for fun!  What an amazing place: we saw all the unusual animals that dwell down there, including the Tasmanian Devil.  If you would like pictures, just email us and we’ll send them off.

We will not be sending out a Christmas letter (again) this year, but we hope you will follow us through our BLOGS to keep up with our busy lives.  Our newest child: Water To My Soul: The Story of Eliza Lucas Pinckney, has just been released, and has been well-received through early reviews and book sales!

Below are several reviews.  You will find more on our home page:

Not only is it rich in dialogue that carries the story along, it is also an engaging "period piece" of our colonial history. This fascinating true-life drama, wonderfully fluid in its pace and written with warm and sensitive intelligence and attention to detail, draws us into Eliza’s personal journey in southern colonial America. As I came to the last pages of Water to My Soul, I felt appreciation for the sheer pleasure of reading it.  I highly recommend Pamela Bauer Mueller's Water To My Soul.  Meg Cunningham

Your new book is so wonderful!  I have read many books, notes, etc. speaking of Eliza Lucas Pinckney but yours has captured her entire life in such a beautiful manner.  Johnie Rivers/historian
Water To My Soul is your best ever!  I LOVE it!  This book should really put you in another category as an historical novelist.  You amaze me that with your west coast origin via Mexico & Canada that you are able to capture the history & feelings of the south. Louise Hooper
Eliza helps me have perspective on my own life. Her many loses remind me of my many blessings. Your writing has captured her beauty!  Kim Belt
I loved the triumphs and stories of Eliza's life. I marvel at how well she dealt with all of life's challenges and how she provides a wonderful perspective for how we should view our lives. Your knowledge and detail for that time in our country’s history is amazing.  Cassandra Coveney

I am truly enjoying the new book, Water to My Soul.  I really appreciate your including her prayers: so heartfelt, human and loving.  Patricia Duke

Eliza had to be a remarkable woman to pursue her dream and become interwoven in the fabric of our country’s history.  God has truly gifted you in your writing.  Your word pictures about His lovely world speak volumes about who you are and WHOSE you are!  Eleanor Miller

Have a beautiful Christmas and a blessed New Year!


Pamela Bauer Mueller

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