Friday, August 1, 2008

August 2008

Hello friends!

We’ve updated and revised our website, and this is our first BLOG! Our webmaster, Tracy Johnson, has done a marvelous job, and now it’s my turn to make this educational and entertaining. Here goes…

Summer has been an exciting time for Piñata Publishing. In June, An Angry Drum Echoed brought me the 2008 Georgia Author of the Year Award for Young Adult books. In July, our newest title, Aloha Crossing, was launched. This middle reader/young adult novel is the sequel to Hello, Goodbye, I Love You, the story of raising a guide puppy for the blind. In Aloha Crossing, Aloha’s puppy raiser, teenager Diego Escobár, is invited to Georgia to spend two weeks with his beloved dog. Kimberly Louise, Aloha’s blind partner, Diego and Aloha experience new adventures, including a treacherous hurricane and a rattlesnake bite! Aloha Crossing is now available in your favorite bookstore, or on our website!

I’ve been busily researching my next novel, which will take us inside the lives of the famed Jekyll Island Millionaires Club. Did you know that from 1888 to 1942, about 100 of the nation’s most powerful millionaires lived on Jekyll Island, GA during three months of the year? This exclusive club mandated that you could only step foot on the island as a member or an “invited stranger.” Every year one-sixth of the world’s wealth co-existed on this tiny barrier island, where they spent carefree hours hunting, fishing, riding, and exchanging ideas. They debated politics, discussed wars, families, and world news issues. Joseph Pulitzer was invited to join the club only so he wouldn’t write badly about the rest!

My idea is to write the story from the viewpoint of the employees. I will try to pick four of five of the many employees and have each one cover a decade or so. (I think I can better identify with the employees’ minds than I could possibly understand the millionaires’ perspectives.)

By the way, did you know that after New York City and Philadelphia, Jekyll Island was the third “city” to get electricity? Can you imagine why?

And while I’m discussing Jekyll Island, I’m hoping that one of my readers can answer a question for me:

Did Thomas Edison actually come to Jekyll Island to establish the electrical plant?

And here’s another one I’ve not found the answer to yet:

Did Winston Churchill ever visit Jekyll Island? I have read sources that claim he did, and others that said he never felt the Jekyll Island sand between his toes.

So, if anyone can answer these questions, we’ll share the news next month.

Please stay tuned to more updates in September. We wish you a very happy last month of summer!

Pamela Bauer Mueller