Sunday, March 28, 2010


Friends, please believe me when I tell you how blessed we are to have received our newest shipment of books! In the last BLOG I mentioned that we had ordered 3,000 more before 2009 had even ended, (when we were down to 800 books) but ALAS: it was too late. We’ve sweated blood and tears for the past 3 weeks waiting for the books to arrive! The local bookstores have graciously ordered from our distributor and Ingrams so they could continue to sell, and I beat myself up remembering that Mike had suggested we re-order at 1,000 books in the garage. But no…I thought 800 would be close enough!

What happened? They arrived in New York and a bitter devastating cold front moved in so the containers could not be examined for 10 days or so. Finally, ours was opened up and released by U.S. Customs but then had to wait 48 hours for another clearing, and then 4 more days until the boxes of books could be sent to Savannah. We grumbled, pleaded and prayed, and finally, 3 weeks after arriving in the U.S.A., our new shipment of Splendid Isolation is in our garage! We are beyond grateful!

People continue to ask me if I’m working on a new book. The answer is NO, not yet. I tell them that I’m resting this year: no research, no writing. But I’m not really resting. Marketing Splendid Isolation has taken up a very large portion of each week. But I’m certainly not complaining, as this book has reached heights we’ve never seen in any of my other titles. However, I have blocked out 2 weeks this month to spend with my 89 (90 in April) year old Mom, who will spend 3 weeks with us here on Jekyll Island. I’ll be taking her back to some old “stomping” grounds at Duke University and Raleigh, N.C. It’s such a pleasure to have these special moments with my mother Phyllis, to whom I’ve dedicated Splendid Isolation. Isn’t it awesome to see how much we learn from our parents?

I would love to hear from you on the BLOG, or Facebook, or on our website at Or if you are in the area, please let me know and we’ll find an opportunity to get together.

All the Best,