Friday, January 14, 2011


New opportunities, new challenges!  I love the beginning of each year!  Ours started out in Cartagena, Colombia, where Mike and I were traveling with my brother and his wife.  We spent two wonderful weeks in Colombia, accompanied most of the time by a local young lady and her family!  Paola Leon had lived in Oregon for a year with my brother Jack as an exchange student, and was now sharing her amazing country with us.  What a perfect way to begin our new year!

Work on the next novel, tentatively titled Water to my Soul, is coming along well.  I feel I’m three-fourths through the initial writing.  I’ve booked six days away for my “hermit” break at an undisclosed location to write 8-10 hours a day, after which I expect to bring home a nearly-finished “first draft.”  I feel another trip to Charleston, S.C. may be helpful to answer any questions I may have.  After the first draft comes the cosmetic surgery on the novel! 

Sales of Splendid Isolation continue to amaze us, for which we give thanks to the Lord.  Kindle sales of the book are rising rapidly, as well as Book Nook purchases.  We understand this is the way of the future, and we embrace it but still love to hold our books in our hands.  I haven’t even been tempted yet to buy an e-book reader.  Let’s see how long that lasts.   
Splendid Isolation has picked up two national awards so far: runner-up in the Wild Card category in the New England Book Festival and a finalist in the 2010 U.S.A. Best Books awards contest in the Biography/History division.  We have entered the book in several other award contests, and are keeping our fingers crossed.  Stay tuned.

Our events have led us to so many interesting places!  The most exciting part of marketing our books is the people we meet.  Please visit our website: to see where we’ll be in the upcoming months.  Let us know if we are in your area and we’ll try to meet you.

Be blessed, and enjoy your 2011,