Thursday, May 10, 2012

MAY 2012

Oh My!  How can this be?  My first BLOG entry in 2012???  I guess that’s what a full life will do to you!

We’ve been constantly on the road introducing our South Carolinian book, “Water To My Soul: The Story of Eliza Lucas Pinckney.”  She’s an incredible colonial woman, and I have wanted to give her due time and energy.  I even postponed the research of my next novel for about eight months, but now I’m ready to move on.  However, we continue to do book tours for Eliza, and are so proud to announce that she’s already won two national awards.
Normally, we do not submit our books for awards until the year after they are launched.  But we sent “Water To My Soul: The Story of Eliza Lucas Pinckney” in for consideration to two competitions on the west coast that accepted early 2012 releases.  Much to our surprise and delight, we placed in both of them.  “Water To My Soul” was the WINNER in the Wild Card category for the national Green Book Awards.  The same title won HONORABLE MENTION in the San Francisco Book Awards.  What a huge blessing for our Eliza Lucas Pinckney in her first few months out of the chute!

OUR EXCITING NEWS: We've just sold the Japanese language translation rights for "Hello, Goodbye, I Love You" to Sanyo Shuppan in Tokyo. This was due, in part, to our friendship with Michael Hingson, author of “Thunder Dog,” about his journey coming down from the 78th floor of the World Trade Center after the explosion.  His guide dog, Roselle, led him to safety.  Michael had asked me to write his story, but we decided that we didn’t have the time to do it properly in his time frame.  Still, he attributed our title “Hello, Goodbye, I Love You” at the end of his book as an amazing story.  The Japanese publishers read it and offered us a contract.  Very exciting for our independent micro-press!  Thank you Michael Hingson!

Most authors do not like to discuss upcoming research or book subjects.  Some think it’s bad luck; others don’t want writers to “steal” ideas.  I subscribe to neither of these theories, but don’t always make the final decision until I’m deep into my research.  So let me tease you with this.  The subject I’ve tentatively chosen (with the working title of “Unveiled”) grew up in the northeast.  I’ve just spoken on the phone with the great-great-great-great-nephew of her husband.  He is 82 and has information that would truly help me in my research, including pictures of the home in the 1700’s.  By the way, this man lives in the house where this Revolutionary War hero was born!  Guesses, anyone?

Be well.  Enjoy your summer!  Stay cool.  More news in the fall!  Or sooner, if I can get to it!