Sunday, June 27, 2010


WHOA, Nelly! Who ever heard of an independent publisher ordering a second book print three months after the “second” first print??? What? Like you, we find this hard to wrap our brains around. Nevertheless, the Lord has blessed PiƱata Publishing with our new book! We’re ready to print 5,000 more copies of Splendid Isolation! This has never happened with any of our previous seven books, so we are joyfully giving Him ALL the glory! Much to our delight, this book has been a local favorite since it launched January 2010. We don’t really understand it, but we’ll gratefully take it! It seems the tourists on Jekyll Island truly have a hunger to read about the history of this island through the novel form, and we’ve been the fortunate ones to offer it to them!

Book signings, school visits, and conferences have kept us very busy up to the summer months, and now we’re finally taking a necessary break to travel and enjoy our time together. Family is extremely important to us, and Mom’s 90th Birthday Party in July is a much-anticipated celebration. We’ll join the rest of her five kids, all of her grandkids, and most of the great-grandkids on the west coast for this cherished event! By the way, Mom, thank you for being one of my greatest book critics and customers!

I know I said I would be “resting” and “marketing” this year, and would NOT be entertaining ideas for my next book project. However, fate has intervened. My dear friend Betty Smith of Jekyll Island suggested what she thought my next subject should be. And she was correct! Once she told me about Eliza Lucas Pinckney, I was hooked. So I’ve already begun research on her (an 18th century very independent South Carolinian woman) and am very excited to eventually tell her story. Stay tuned for more details on her life, and thank you Betty!

Stay cool, keep reading, and enjoy your summer! All too soon it will be winter!!! That will be a GOOD THING!