Monday, January 4, 2010


I truly love beginning a new decade! So much promise and anticipation for things to come. My resolution for this decade is: “more rest, less stress.” I will pass my worries over to God, who promised to carry them for me. My keyword for this decade is “service,” and I hope to share with others the abundant joy I have because of my relationship with Him.

I am also planning on more family time this year. Mike and I leave next week to spend a few days with his mother in Wisconsin. Then, my girlfriends, sisters, daughter, grand-daughter and I have planned a “Girls’ Weekend” for February in Palm Springs, CA. My mother is almost 90; a treasure of a woman who is still going strong and walking a mile a day. I’ll go visit her in Oregon in March and fly her back here to spend a few weeks with us in Georgia. All of our family will unite to celebrate her 90th birthday in July. I believe I’m off to a good start with plans for friends and family!

Work wise: January 1 was the national launch of Splendid Isolation, although we released her here in coastal Georgia in late November. This book has certainly been an enigma to Mike and me: it’s our only title that recouped expenses in just six weeks! Much to our surprise, we had to place an order for another print of 3,000 copies before 2010 even arrived! We are stunned and grateful for the public’s support, and wish to thank all our local bookstores for hand-selling the book. They know who they are!

Now we’ll sit back and see where this book takes us. Mike and I want to enjoy its journey. It’s book number 8 and because I’ve written 8 in ten years, I’ve resolved to enjoy them all this year and not even look for another topic until 2011. Many of my friends question whether I’ll be able to do this, so we’ll just have to wait and see. I am content with that resolution.

I hope you are blessed with peace, love and joy!