Thursday, March 31, 2011

APRIL 2011

Oh my!  Reading over my last BLOG, I discover it’s been three months since I’ve written!  My excuse is that this has been a busy time of writing and travel. 

After finishing the first draft of “Water To My Soul,” I escaped all work involving writing/marketing for a Girls’ Weekend (with 20 of my closest friends who shared life with me in Mexico) to Cuernavaca, Mexico: a beautiful weekend resort an hour from Mexico City.  Mimi Mulligan and I met in TX, flew to Acapulco together for a 4 day rest, and joined the others in Cuernavaca for a long weekend, at the hacienda of my dear friend Oliver Araiz.  I hadn’t seen some of these ladies in 25 years!  But we picked right back up as if it were yesterday.  Friendships are so precious!

“Splendid Isolation” has garnered another accolade: it is a finalist in the 2010 ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year Finalist in the Fiction-Historical category.  The results will be announced in May at the ALA/BEA convention.  Keeping our fingers crossed… 
The new manuscript is in the hands of my New York editor.  Soon I will know what and how many changes she recommends.  I find that the more suggestions of hers that I follow, the better the book.  Amazing, eh?  She truly knows her business.

Michael and I will travel a great deal in the upcoming months for conventions, art shows, and presentations.  One of the highly anticipated events is the 2011 Historical Novel Society Conference  in San Diego, CA on June 17-19, 2011, where I’ll be a speaker and panelist.  The best news is that my daughter, Cassandra Coveney, and her family live there, so we’ll spend extra days with the grand kids!

You can follow our comings and goings on  My husband is such an integral part of our publishing business, and I thank God for his love and willing partnership every day.

Stay tuned!  Hopefully, we’ll chat before three more months evaporate!



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