Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October 2008

Hello again!

Fall is slowly working its way to Jekyll Island, Georgia. The cooler sea breezes sweep over the islands and refresh us on bike rides and beach walks. It’s amazing to think back on that happy day, eight years ago next week, when we pulled into our rental cottage on St. Simons Island with two cats and lots of dreams. We’re just as delighted with the Golden Isles today as we were the first time we saw them in 1988!

Our Greece/Turkey holiday was amazing and intriguing and filled with beauty! After recovering from jet lag, we’re now refreshed and ready to get back to work. If you would like to see our “Kodak Gallery,” we’re happy to share the slideshow with you.

I have found the answer as to whether Thomas Edison personally installed the electric power plant for the Millionaires on Jekyll Island. He did not! “In spite of the fact that several Jekyl members backed Edison’s enterprises, no evidence exists to show that he ever set foot on the island. On the contrary, the George A. Williams Company was contracted in 1902 to build the plant for $36,100. In the end, it would cost $39,500, which was paid, as were most improvements, by private subscription.”
The Jekyll Island Club by William Barton McCash and June Hall McCash

October will find us attending and making presentations at book festivals, art shows and school visits in South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. You can check the Event Calendar on the website to see if we’ll be in your area. If so, please let us know! It’s always fun to combine work trips with visiting friends and family.

This month’s tidbit about the Millionaires: Did you know that Joseph Pulitzer loved Jekyll Island so much that he wanted to spend his last days in unlimited privacy? Sadly, he died on his yacht, Liberty, in the harbor of Charleston, S.C., desperately hoping to reach his Jekyll Island cottage. You’ll learn more about his eccentric character and personality in the book.

Does anyone have any “difficult to unearth” information on Joseph Pulitzer or J.P Morgan that you would like to share? Or, you could send me questions about them to see if I’ve researched enough to get the correct answer!

Question of the month: How many times did Louis Comfort Tiffany visit Jekyll Island? If you know, I’ll send you a copy of your choice of my seven books! I’ll reveal the answer next month.

October is so beautiful in the Golden Isles. Please come on down and let us show you around!

All the Best,

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